About The Dustbin

We work on be “Real You” Notion or Idea, “The Dustbin” is the place to be a True Yourself where you can Open Up, Be Who You Are and Say What You Feel, It’s all together feeling of Being “Real You” “The Dustbin” is a place where anyone can share or dump their Feelings, Thoughts, Arrogance, Anger, Happiness, Sadness, anything and everything related to their Work, Relationships, Things going on around them, their Likes and Dislikes & Whatever they have in their Mind and Heart.

How will “The Dustbin” help people to come along

Anyone can Open Up without revealing their Identity, Work on a Platform to Express not to Impress, Liberty to Express Emotions Unconditionally, Enjoy the Feeling of being Heard and anyone can bring out “Bhadass Bindass”

What will you derive from “The Dustbin”

We are helping people to Open Up, Spreading Happiness and get rid off their Mental Garbage.


Search - Who’s Foot Prints I am following

Ungli - Who’s is Keeping Eye On You

Invite - Build your audience to get more coins

Block - Irritators

Unblock - Check your patience level


  • Get more coins for enjoying freedom to write more and to earn smiley’s
  • Get more coins to show others your engagement and enhance possibility to get followed your foot prints by others

How to earn coins? You can boost your chance to earn coins by two ways:

  1. Personal Activity
  2. Community Activity

Personal Activity

  • When you Flush Out-2 coins
  • When you do Ungli-2 coins
  • When you give Gyan-5 coins
  • When you follow Foot Prints-5 coins
  • Every successful Invite-10 coins

Community Activity

  • Anyone like your Flushout-2 coins
  • Anyone gave gyan on Flushout-5 coins
  • Anyone did Ungli on your flushout-2 coins
  • Anyone follow your foot prints-5 coins

Note: 1 coin = 1 character

Transfer Coins - Help other friend of yours to get liberty to write and to earn smileys from very first day by using privilege to transfer coins for his registered mail id with “The Dustbin”

About Mayank Y

As the Founder and CEO at "The Dustbin" and having previous experiences in operations Mayank has been involved in shaping the path for different assignments. Mentor to many followers of him. He speak less but understand business needs and deliver the best. Being a nonsocial animal his hobbies are reading books, Bike Riding and Dhyan.

About Mercy S

A undefined energize women, mom and multi-tasker, She knows how to fix problems and keeps team motivated and full of enthusiasm. We call her "Go Getter". Takes away everyone's heart with her smile and always support all team members as she is a MOM (Master Of Multi-Tasking)

About Ranjeet Ambarte

One Time Jobie, Ranjeet Ambarte decided one day to be an Entrepreneur & followed his instinct. Man having expertize as a Security Researcher. A boxer & always love to do traveling & explore new places with his stuffs.

About Chiranjeev Tapas

A coder & decoder always ready to learn from different sources of coding. A silent poison who can kill every problem we face while development, Always ready to listen songs & the great tabla player.

About Ishant Ukey

A man behind every design of ours, Ishant Ukey; always follow his mood swings which will convert into designs of every concept. Passionate about singing & the best guitarist learner I ever met.

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